• Chennai
  • 06/16/2023
  • ₹1,000 - ₹5,000 /monthly

We are looking to hire self-motivated, disciplined, and qualified freelancers in the following categories:

1) Admin Support

2) Data Science & Analytics

3) Design & Creative

4) Engineering & Architecture

5) Website, Software, IT & Networking

6) Legal

7) Sales & Marketing

8) Web, Mobile & Software Development

9) Writing

10) Translation

11) Trades & Services

12) Customer Service


Job Description



·       A Diploma/Certification/Degree/Master’s degree/Ph.D. in the relevant field.

·       Prior freelancing experience in a similar role is an added advantage.



·       A Portfolio of completed projects.

·       Access to all pertinent essentials needed to complete tasks E.g., internet/computer/ software, etc.

·       Excellent communication skills and time management skills.



·       Executing assignments as indicated by the project owners.

·       Ensuring the work is qualitative, accurate, and has aspects as expected by the project owners.

·       Communicating with the manager to clarify assignment-related expectations, as required.

·       Communicating and working co-operatively with the in-house team (if required).

·       Submitting completed assignments in the stipulated format and time.

·       Storing copies of all completed assignments.

·       Keeping an accurate record of hours worked and income received.


Working Conditions

As per the requirement of the project.


Salary and Benefits

·       Payment can be either:

Hourly payment - paid per hour for the work at an agreed-upon rate.


Project-based payment - paid a set amount as per the agreement with the client, to complete a project with a defined scope and deadline.

·       Payment rates would be based on your skills, experience, and the scope of the project.

·       Payment rates can be negotiated with the clients.



ü  Flexible working hours - can work at one's own schedule.

ü  Autonomy over work - freedom to choose the work projects and clients.

ü  Better income – income proportionate to work accomplished.

ü  Variety – the chance to try out new projects that add variety and interest to the day-to-day tasks and work profile.