A Brief Explanation About the CPC and its Training Courses

A Brief Explanation About the CPC and its Training Courses

Anyone wishing to drive a bus, coach, or HGV professionally must possess the Driver CPC or Driver Certificate of Professional Competence. If you drive an HGV, LGV, bus, or coach for a living, you have to hold a Driver CPC. Every five years, you must complete 35 hours of periodic training to keep your CPC.

CPC: Training Courses

The Driver CPC Licence Training includes two training courses, Driver Initial CPC Training and Periodic CPC Training.

Driver Initial CPC Training

Newly qualified drivers must complete the Initial Driver CPC; for those with "acquired rights," it is not mandatory.

It consists of two test-filled portions that you must pass in order to receive your CPC card. If you've never driven a heavy-duty vehicle before, you will complete a comprehensive four-part training programme. 

These consist of the HGV Training and Tests' Theory and Practical components, which also comprise the first CPC modules. You must finish all four sections if you want to drive professionally.

Driver Initial CPC Training further divided into four modules that are as follow:-

  • Module 1: Theory Test
  • Module 2: Case Studies
  • Module 3: Practical Test
  • Module 4: Driver CPC Practical Test

Module 1: Theory Test

This includes:

Multiple choice Questions: This takes about two hours and has one hundred questions. Currently, over 85% of people pass this.

Hazard Perception: A series of 19 movies are shown to candidates, and each identified hazard is worth a maximum of 5 points. 67% is the passing score.

Module 2: Case Studies

This is an online test with about seven case studies that show typical situations that an HGV driver might encounter. There are associated multiple-choice questions for each scenario. The test takes less than two hours to complete, with an 80% passing score.

Module 3: Practical Test

The purpose of the practical test for obtaining a licence is to assess your driving skills. It consists of questions about vehicle safety as well as practical road and off-road driving. It lasts for about ninety minutes.

Module 4: Driver CPC Practical Test

In addition to driving, the driver must demonstrate and explain a variety of operations throughout this practical test. As an illustration:

  • Emergency processes.
  • Loading correctly.
  • Vehicle safety check demonstration.

CPC: Periodic Training

Professional, seasoned HGV drivers are eligible for periodic CPC training. It is legally necessary for you to keep your Initial Driver CPC after completing 35 hours of Periodic Training every five years. 

A variety of commercial HGV driving topics are covered in Driver CPC Periodic Training, and the DVSA and JAUPT, the industry's regulatory bodies, must approve the training modules.

Now that most providers offer online CPC, you should be able to update your CPC from the comfort of your own home. 

The HGV driving community has responded extremely favourably to this, with generally positive reviews. Be sure the supplier you select has received positive feedback for their online course offering.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the UK, What Does CPC Stand for?

Throughout the course of a professional bus, coach, or truck driver's career, they must continue their professional growth through Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) training. A Driver Qualification Card will be given to you if you pass your Driver CPC (DQC).

Can I use CPC in the UK?

To operate a truck professionally in the UK, the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland, you must hold a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) certificate. Your Driver CPC card, also known as a "driver qualification card" or "DQC," is to be carried at all times.

What is the Qualification for a Certificate of Professional Competence?

Driver qualification card is another name for the card. It is mandatory for you to have this card when operating a professional truck, bus, or coach. 35 hours of periodic training is required to get a CPC card.