A Short Summary Over The Dealing And Playing Of Poker Games

A Short Summary Over The Dealing And Playing Of Poker Games

Poker is one of the most famous sort of card games in casinos which is played worldwide and the same game just like ten patti can be played with various types of variations but the playing strategy and rules for playing this game is quite apart from playing of teen patti.


Here are few of the rules and pattern of playing the poker:-


1. No of players: Poker can be played between a minimum of two people and a maximum of ten people at one time using one deck of cards that is 52 cards. Usually the jokers of the deck are not taken advantage of while playing this game poker.


2. Basic winning rule: If a player is able to bet the value of the cards held by the players playing the card game will be considered as the winner. Basically while playing this game the player needs to ensure for winning that he can beat the value of other player cards and if he/she is able to do that then they will be considered as the winner.


3. Rules for playing texas poker: There are following set of rules player need to take care while playing poker and these are as follows:-


  1. A person at the first stage needs to start the game by putting mandatory bets or can say as a dealing bet.
  2. Dealers in this game will deal the cards and give every player playing two cards each to play the game.
  3. After the cards are distributed the first round of betting will start and every player will start betting seeing their cards.
  4. Now, as per the decision and bet by every player the cards which have been kept in between will be decided to get open or remain in blind.
  5. When each and every player gets satisfied and considers that they wish to see the cards which are unfolded then the cards can get open as per the preference and bet of each player.
  6. Then the players out of five cards see what game they have and judge the probability of winning in the set game.
  7. The players who do not wish to continue do have the option to pack their cards and get out of the game.
  8. Continuing players can increase the bet amount or have the option to show.
  9. Further the player having the final show will see and compare the cards with each other and the person with the best cards as per the poker rules will win the game.
  10. Finally the winner will take the entire pot of bet.

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