Why Gaming Have An Difficult Legal Structure In India

Why Gaming Have An Difficult Legal Structure In India

In india there are different types of categories related to gaming such as:-

  1. Game of skills
  2. Betting or wagering

Here, in India we are quite clear about certain approaches in terms of gaming and that is “ we do not appreciate any sort of betting or wagering” and further consider the gaming which is related to betting or wagering illegal in India which is an approach to imprisonment or fine or both as has been considered.

Now, the question herein which arises is that we do have casinos in India which is also considered as a part of gaming and wherein betting or wagering is happening.

So, putting clarification on this statement we further like to add a clear proposed law made by the central government of India that the issue of gaming in India with respect to gambling in games will be a state affair and central would not interfere in such prepositions of the state matter.

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Now, seeing the gaming scenario in India there is no clear picture of gaming rules and laws as every state have their own say and concern regarding gaming in India and doing its compliance and regulatory has become very difficult as in certain state definition of game of skills in different and there they do not entertain any sort of gaming which involves betting and wagering. Also in these states a person is prohibited from playing online casino gaming whereas there are states who are specific about gambling in casinos or building the casino structure in their state is banned but people are allowed to play games on online gaming mode.

Such gaming modules are quite difficult to work on or access in our country with so many undefined laws and situations with respect to gaming.

Gaming as a structure in our country needs to be improved and there should be proper consideration of gaming of skills and gaming of betting. As some states are clear, if money is not involved then it will be gaming of skills whereas if involved it will be considered as betting. Although gaming herein and involvement of money involves a game of luck and chance as gaming is played as skill and there is money earned through it but that category is not involved in this list.