Get HGV Driver Training at HGV Driving School in Britain

Get HGV Driver Training at HGV Driving School in Britain

If you appreciate being behind the wheel on open roads, you may have thought of becoming a truck driver. Being an HGV driver in the transportation sector is a financially and personally fulfilling vocation. But before you can drive an HGV, you have to go through a rigorous training programme to acquire the required skill set. 

Taking HGV training courses at HGV driver training school in Britain will help you get employment in the UK and around Europe. Employers of all stripes find you attractive if you can drive a big car professionally.

HGV Training Courses at HGV Driving School Britain

Not every licence is required to drive a truck. The main factor influencing them is the difference in weight between different cars. The weight of an automobile determines the licence category, as does the extra weight it can pull when a caravan is added. 

But you must complete the necessary HGV training courses in order to obtain the licence for these categories. 

List of HGV driver licences categories that are offered by HGV Driving School Britain:

Cat C1: The smallest car used for transportation is a Cat C1 truck. It has a weight capacity of 3500–7500 kg and can hold a caravan weighing up to 750 kg.

Cat C1+E: With this licence, you are able to drive a car weighing between 3500 and 7500 kg. In a caravan, more than 750 kilogrammes are permitted.

Cat C: You can drive bigger vehicles that weigh more than 3500 kg and trailers that can tow up to 750 kg with this permit.

Cat C+E: You can operate the largest automobiles—which weigh more than 3500 kg—as well as trailers—which weigh more than 750 kg—with this licence.

HGV Driver Training Duration Period at HGV Driving Training School Britain

It is possible to learn a practical HGV in just five days of instruction. Nevertheless, the entire procedure—which includes getting a licence—takes eight to ten weeks. You can submit an application in line with it to an organisation that will train you for HGVs while offering proper HGV training programmes.

HGV Driver Training Include

Getting an HGV licence is an easy procedure with clear steps. With the appropriate instruction, all of these procedures are easy to finish, and the L&T Training Transport Services training package includes all of them.

Medical Test

Professional driver training requires a medical examination. The test ensures that you have no health conditions that would make operating a haulage truck unsafe for you. The doctor fills out a DVLA form after conducting a brief examination and asking a few questions regarding your medical history.

Theory Test

Similar to a regular driving test, you will have to take an official testing centre multiple-choice theory test on a screen. L&T Training Transport Services offers several practice exams to help you get ready for this theory test.

Practical Training

The time has come to begin driving and training after your theoretical test results have been received. In this phase, you learn how to drive a real HGV vehicle from an instructor who holds a DSV licence. Once you have honed your skills, you can sit for a practical exam.

Get CPC Training at HGV Driving Training School

You are able to legally operate an HGV after passing the practical test. You can get a driver's licence if you don't already have one by passing the driver CPC exam.

With this licence, a driver is able to operate certain vehicles for a living. Every five years, drivers need to finish a 35-hour refresher course to maintain their roadworthiness.