Can One Get Their Jewelry Protected In India Under The Intellectual Property Rights

Can One Get Their Jewelry Protected In India Under The Intellectual Property Rights

Jewelry is something which being a woman we love wearing and buying. But people are conscious about the trend and design of their jewelry and do not like it to be copied or made by other companies.

Some companies prefer the type of jewelry they have that should be like a monopoly for their company and only they can create that design or the design is always sold in their name. As a buyer we are excited about buying jewelry whenever it comes for a wedding occasion or special occasion in our family.

But for a monopoly market strategy and to be procured about the designing various jewelry makers are in a rush of finding a way through which they can capture online markets as well even through the way of securing the artistic and inquisitive designing in the jewelry and for such jewelry makers we have finest solution that is to get their design registered through trademark so that their design keeps unique with them.

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Various intellectual property rights available for the jewelry merchant to have their unique approach in market:-

Trade mark:-

This law is there for all the jewelry merchants who believe in having a proper name, symbol, packaging, form used in jewelry by the makers can be protected. So that other vendors available in the market can not get through your identity and use your identity for selling their products.


There are various jewelry designs which have been made by a designer in quite an artistic manner and after this sort of hard work then wanted a proper copyright of his on his design and therefore, one can procure their own design with their name forever by getting this registration done for their jewelry design.


There is a time span of 10 years and 5 years through which one can get their jewelry design protected through design law. Therefore, through this no other designer can copy the design one has made.

There are various other rights related to intellectual property rights which can be taken used by jewelry merchant for their welfare such as patent rights, geographical indication and so on.