List of Different Types of HGV Licences

List of Different Types of HGV Licences

The licences that are available for driving a heavy goods vehicle are known as HGV classes. Various HGV licences are offered according to the size of the truck and the cargo it holds. Before operating any heavy-duty vehicle, you need to hold the appropriate licence. Apart from this the HGV licence cost depends on the licence category you are going to choose. Among the several licences that are offered are:

Class 1 HGV Licence

Another name for this licence is category C+E. The driver may operate a vehicle weighing 7.5 tonnes or more and the caravan can be detached with this licence. These are frequently bigger cars that can go greater distances.

Class 2 HGV Licence

Class 2, or the licences in category C. This will apply to any heavy-duty vehicle (HGV) with a rigid body foundation weighing more than 7.5 tonnes. With this kind of class, the cab and trailer won't separate. These could include, among others, fire engines and garbage collecting trucks. Rather than being utilised for long distance runs, these are more likely to be used in urban areas.

CAT C1 Licence

A driver possessing a category C1 licence won't operate a truck as large as one with another licence. Anytime the HGV weighs more than 3.5 tonnes but less than 7.5 tonnes, this is required. Those who obtained one of these permits automatically are those who passed their driving exam before 1997. After that, anyone who passed would have to retake the test in order to get it.

CAT D Licence and CAT D1 Licence

To drive a vehicle with passengers, you need a category D or D1 licence (other than your own car). Those who want to drive a bus or coach with lots of passengers inside frequently use it.

A category D1 licence differs slightly from the previous ones. With this licence, the operator is able to operate a minibus with up to 16 seats. This licence is comparable to the C1 licence in that it is granted automatically to those who completed their driving test before 1997; if not, you will have to take the test.

CAT B+E Licence

The operator is able to tow an object behind their ordinary car with a cat B+E licence. You must obtain this licence if you want to tow something across town or to another town. If you passed your driving test before 1997, you don't need to do that.

HIAB Licence

An additional endorsement that can be added to your licence is a HIAB or Lorry Loader licence. In essence, this will enable the user to control a truck loader or other equipment that loads anything onto a trailer's long bed using hydraulic attachments. Your ability to operate the truck loader and other cranes that may be put on the truck will improve with this training.

ADR Licence

This is a prerequisite for anyone transporting any kind of goods deemed hazardous. Those who operate fuel tankers or transport flammable or corrosive liquids are two examples of this. Operators who do not have the necessary licence to assist cannot take these products.