The Economical Factors On Which Lifestyle Is Dependent

Lifestyle as a term is related to the manner or way we live our life and the other things in relation to living is how we prefer living and what we are doing in our lifestyle. But before going on about how we prefer living and what sort of lifestyle we want for ourselves, one thing which hits us up is economical factors of the country and the person and therefore there are various factors which are related to economy and it affects the lifestyle of the person.

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Various economical factors that derive the lifestyle of the person:-

  • War situation: When there is a war going on in the particular country then the lifestyle of the citizens of that country impacts at a great level as during the time of war the resources and the supply of resources became limited also the situation of citizens of that country have direct implication with it which states that war situation factors play crucial role in the country.
  • Poverty line: Every person in the world does not have a capability to live the same quality lifestyle and therefore the description of lifestyle is as per your earnings and which eventually leads a huge impact that people who are poor and below poverty line have different sorts of lifestyles than other people of the country.
  • World pandemic: We know when covid-19 hitted the world it disturbed the entire lifestyle of every citizen of the country and disturbed lifestyle include the work, home life and many more as during lockdown people does not have much to do and rather have to spend their time at home and which have an adverse effect on every person lifestyle.
  • Rich: The people who belong to the rich community have the power to buy everything they wish to buy without any reasoning and thought as they have the capability. Also rich class people have different lifestyles than other communities because the dimensions they wish to achieve in life are different from other communities.
  • Middle class: Middle class people have a lifestyle which is basic and they are happy with it but they work hard everyday in order to reach that level where they can grow more dimensions in terms of luxury to their lifestyle and can enjoy the same.