Top Places to Travel in South India

Top Places to Travel in South India

South India is a core part of India. To travel to South India is just like a dream come true. Several places in South India make you curious. Below the top must-travel places in South India are mentioned. Also, apart from just reading you can submit a guest post on travel to Newspiner by expressing your travel journey of South India or anything else.

Madurai, Tamil Nadu

The Meenakshi Temple, the most significant and spectacular temple in South India, is located in ancient Madurai. With almost 4,000 years of history, Madurai has maintained its position as a significant hub for Tamil education and culture. 


These days, Madurai draws an equal amount of tourists and pilgrims. Every year in April and May, Madurai hosts the two-week-long Chithirai Festival, which showcases a reenacted celestial wedding of God and Goddess.


On Tamil Nadu's east coast, Pondicherry sometimes referred to as Puducherry, was formerly a French colony during the 18th century and is currently an independent union territory. It is still quite French-tasting and makes a lovely snack.

Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu

In southern Tamil Nadu, Rameshwaram is a quiet little pilgrim town that thrives on the steady flow of devout visitors who come to bathe in the sacred water, perform pujas to atone for past sins, and visit the Ramanathaswamy Temple. The famous Hindu epic The Ramayana has a connection to the town and temple. 

Mysore, Karnataka

With its majestic Mysore Palace serving as the primary tourist destination, Mysore boasts an amazing royal legacy. There are a tonne of additional fascinating structures, mansions, and temples to explore. 


Notably, it's one of India's best zoos. In addition, Mysore is a great site to learn Ashtanga yoga and buy sandalwood. An additional attraction is the ten-day Mysore Dasara celebration held annually.

Coorg, Karnataka

Go to Karnataka's Kodagu region (commonly called Coorg) for breathtaking scenery and the fresh aromatics of South Indian coffee. Relatively close to Bangalore and Mysore, this enticing hill country in southern Karnataka is well known for its profusion of coffee fields.

Nilgiri Mountain Railway, Tamil Nadu

In Tamil Nadu, the Nilgiri Mountain Railway toy train rattled its way up to the well-known hill station of Ooty. After being finished in 1899, the historic railway route was inducted into the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2005. 


The trek, which is 28.5 miles or 46 kilometres long, is captivating. It travels via tea plantations, ravings, mountainous terrain, 16 tunnels, and more than 250 bridges (of which 32 are significant ones).

Hampi, Karnataka

The relaxed village of Hampi, one of India's most popular historical sites, was formerly the final capital of Vijayanagar, one of the biggest Hindu empires in history. 


It boasts some incredibly interesting ruins that are intriguingly mixed in with massive boulders that rise up all over the place. 

Kerala Backwaters

One of the nicest things to do in Kerala is to cruise around the backwaters, which are canals surrounded with palm trees. Time seemed to be standing still. 


It's made even more pleasurable with cold beer and chef-prepared Indian food served on the boat. On the boat, in the middle of the tranquil waters, you can spend the night.

Varkala, Kerala

Varkala Beach, with its long, curving stretch of coast and vistas over the Arabian Sea, has a setting straight out of a fairy tale. The entire cliff is lined with a paved walkway that is surrounded by hotels, guest cottages, beach shacks, charming stores, and coconut palms.

Fort Kochi, Kerala

Kochi, a charming city with an eclectic influence, is referred to as the "Gateway to Kerala". The city has been shaped by the Arabs, British, Dutch, Chinese, and Portuguese. 


The most common way that people identify Kochi is through images of the iconic Chinese fishing nets that adorn the shoreline. Fort Kochi is a wonderful spot to walk about and explore on foot. It is full of historical sites and architecture.