Is It Possible to Post Jobs for Free on Online Platforms? - Let’s Find Out!

Is It Possible to Post Jobs for Free on Online Platforms? - Let’s Find Out!

Has it been hours searching on Google "where can I post jobs for free?"

While searching you might have come across various online platforms where you have to pay to post any job, but then why did you Google so much if you had to do this at last?

Yes, we understand that there aren't many platforms where you can post a free advertisement for your job.

In this blog, we will share a few ways in which you can post free ads.

Whether you are searching to stumble on candidates for temporary, freelance, or permanent positions, marketing your job vacancy in the perfect spot is the key to finding any perfect fit for the job.

While the MNCs mostly have deep pockets to find out the best and most qualified candidates, many small companies might not have the funds to take benefit from exclusive recruitment channels. Therefore, free job promoting channels like instead of the paid ones are the best way for the small companies to post jobs for free online and build their entrant pools while the cost can be minimized.

Everyone has a different way of using the internet, and if considering the free job promotion method, it might work the best for you also; you should always keep in mind what type of employee you are looking for and where can such people search for jobs.

Knowing your idyllic candidate is the right way to zoom in on the exact channels. It will help out to decide which platform is more suitable for the job at hand and will curtail the number of applications without the qualification you receive.

To lend a hand and get you started, we have listed a few places where you can post jobs for free, and it works well with most companies.

Start your hiring from social media.

As we all know that there are only a handful of people left who don’t use social media, so as your post for a job, many people will be applying for it. You can create a job vacancy on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. These social media sites will help you to get the best-suited candidate for your vacancy.

The company’s website 

It is one of the best and the right way to hire the most appropriate candidate for the job. Posting the job vacancy on the company’s website will give a brief about what are we exactly looking for, and similar candidates can apply.

Get creative with the team.

Find out new ways to post jobs for free on online platforms. To get the related ideas, you and your team can sit together and, discuss a few related strategies.

Also, with the basic plan of, you can post job vacancies for free for 6 months.

 So why do so much hard work when the solution is just behind you?

Hire on 

You might have heard about "" where you can post jobs for free!

Yes, it is completely true! We are one of the leading brands that not only offer posting jobs for free to find the best candidate but also offer preeminent jobs to job searchers.

How do we support you? 

  • We offer 24x7 query and technical support for the recruiters and job finders.
  • Our customer care team is just a call away, or you can discuss the topic-related issue via video conferencing.
  • Also, you can simply text us or leave an email for the query.

How can you start posting? 

The process to start with your free posting is very easy. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Signup/login with your email address
  • Get your email id verified
  • You can start posting the ads
  • Check for results

So when you know all about how to post jobs for free, now is the time – to start hiring!

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