The List of Free and Best Job Posting Sites for Employers Among All!

The List of Free and Best Job Posting Sites for Employers Among All!

Want to appoint the best applicant for a position? The list of free and the best job posting sites for employers are here!

You should try to publish job openings on job posting websites that can reach a big audience as an employer and recruiter. These websites need to also provide you with further tools for thorough prospect screening. Verify the features it offers before posting jobs, whether on a free or paid platform. Look at the best job posting websites that offer their service for free. 

This is an online platform that can help you navigate your path of achievement. An online platform where employers can post their job vacancies and the candidates can apply to get the best-suited job. This way both the employer and candidate meet their demands and come to a common point to be a part of one team.

So if you are an employer and looking for the best-qualified candidate within a budget, this is the right platform to update the job vacancy.


This is one of the best job posting sites for employers. An online job board called ZipRecruiter can assist you in finding the ideal candidate for a position. You may guarantee that a job opportunity is posted on 100 additional online job boards by publishing it on your company's website.

Additionally, it has a database of 30 million job seekers. Using mobile, email, and web services, the website links all businesses with qualified job seekers. You can hasten the hiring process by using its invite-to-apply option. The initial job posting on our platform is free. Later, if you want to keep utilizing this platform, you must select a premium subscription.


Here is another platform for unlimited resume searches and job postings. Though the free plan will help you post 10 jobs/month, you can always upgrade it to the premium membership for having access to all the benefits.

This business recruiting tool does not allow everyone to post. The median income of the job searchers on this platform is $154K. Therefore, advertise any employment openings that pay these professionals a fair wage. Additionally, you will only receive alerts for individuals that fulfill your parameters.

Google for jobs 

Did you know that Google for jobs is one of the free services offered by Google? It selects and collects job vacancies from different online platforms and shows them in a properly listed format to the job seekers through its search result page. Even you can post a job vacancy on Google for jobs but only if you can structure your company’s career page nicely and then index it. It is counted in the list of best job posting sites for employers. After all, it is Google!

By advertising job opportunities on already-indexed third-party job websites, you can avoid the bother of using structured data on your website. The lack of a database of employee resumes and the inability to sponsor any job postings are two shortcomings of this business.

Post Job Free 

One website that allows for free job postings is Additionally, this platform's articles perform well in Google's employment search. You can post a job to recruit from anywhere in the world on this website because it attracts candidates from across the world. 

It distributes the recruitment pots to several job boards, just like indeed. You must subscribe to its premium plan to use that feature. You can examine the complete contact information of your top candidates and browse an infinite number of resumes with the subscription options.


You can post job opportunities for free on the job search engine SimplyHired. Your job posting will be shared on more than 100 job boards by this employment aggregator, which manages job postings using Indeed.

Additionally, it will send you an email when a candidate for your position applies. Before being published on our site, every job posting is reviewed. Because of this, not all employment and recruitment companies can utilize its services. You would need to subscribe to a subscription plan to view each applicant's contact details.


Another tech-focused hiring portal, TechFetch, enables tech organizations to hire top talent. It meets the employment requirements of companies of all sizes. A seven-day free trial is available on the platform. After that, if you want to keep using it, you must choose a paid plan.

AngelList Recruit 

Do you work for a tech startup and want to freely post an infinite number of employment announcements? The LinkedIn of the startup industry is AngelList Recruit. Consider it. Over 25,000 companies rely on this well-known employment site to find the best talent available.

More than 2.5 million job seekers from all IT sectors can be found here. You can post an unlimited number of jobs with the free plan, but you'll only be able to view a certain number of candidates. Additionally, the platform offers ATS integration. You can also design a captivating company profile to draw the interest of potential candidates.

In the end, Hire quickly 

Finding the ideal candidate for a role is essential to your team's success as a whole. Even though you have a lot of possibilities, the article only highlighted the best job posting sites for employers that provide the most advantages. It's important to have management skills while hiring for a remote workforce.

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