The Best Job Portals in India for Employees and Well as Recruiters

The Best Job Portals in India for Employees and Well as Recruiters

Whatever you want to call them, job portals in India, job boards, or talent marketplaces are platforms that let employers and job candidates identify and reevaluate their objectives and needs. These platforms not only help organizations hire more effectively and efficiently, but they also give job searchers a ton of resources and access to help them identify the perfect company for their needs.

Here are the best 13 job portals in India to apply for a job or to post a job vacancy. 

If you are looking for a free job portal where both employees can search for a job and recruiters can post a job vacancy, is your platform. You can enjoy all our free services and get the best job.


The Apna app provides a user-friendly and effective job search tool.

It offers chances in 70 different categories, including job models and several qualification categories (10th pass, 12th pass, fresher, etc). (Work from home, part-time, contract-based).


It is an industry-specific employment marketplace that uses artificial intelligence to match the most qualified individuals with the best vacancies.  


This job portal in India is intended for recent graduates and freshmen without prior work experience, as the name implies. Along with offering entry-level positions, it also assists applicants in improving their skills through specialized online skill-enhancement classes.

Candidates from top management institutes have access to an exclusive recruitment site where they may apply for middle and senior management opportunities in India.

Jobs for Her 

A website that helps women advance their careers by linking them to opportunities in the workplace, the community, mentoring, re-skilling, and networking.

By offering resume writing and visual resume services, this site assists job seekers in developing their career options in addition to finding employment.

Additionally, you get access to the platform's listing of several placement specialists.

People can use this site to publish free classified ads for a variety of professions, particularly non-PMET jobs like helping with home chores, being a cook or driver, or other significant blue-collar positions.

A complete career advancement platform that links recruiters and job seekers with potent two-way matching technology. It successfully matches candidate profiles with pertinent job openings. Shine Learning, a website dedicated to job skills, offers a variety of online up-skilling courses.

The goal of this platform is to consolidate all online employment across more than 75 nations. It assists job seekers in figuring out their taxes and final take-home pay. You can also contrast your pay with the typical pay for positions that are similar to yours.


A global job aggregator with operations in over 70 nations. It collaborates with industry leaders in technology like LinkedIn and Google to gather job openings from business websites, social networks, classified ads, and other sources.


A free job network that offers tens of thousands of registered job searchers and recruiters a common platform.


A job board for computer nerds with a passion for Java, Python, and Ruby, as well as cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, augmented reality, virtual reality, the internet of things, and cryptocurrencies.

So these are some of the Online job portals in India where you can search for the best paying jobs and recruiters can get the best qualified employee in no time.

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